Mets’ Pete Alonso swings bat artwork designed by Peregrine Creative to win 2019 MLB Home Run Derby


Dove Tail Bats is known in the MLB industry and beyond for producing the hardest hitting wooden bats in the game. When the Maine-based company needed a designer for some specialized custom bat artwork, they reached out to Jeremy Guay at Peregrine Creative, LLC. Pete Alonso, of the New York Mets, was looking for a special “Haley’s Comet” design in honor of his fiancée that he could take to the plate in the upcoming Home Run Derby. Dove Tail Bats had been working with Peregrine for some time for their marketing and advertising needs and sent a box of bats for Jeremy to sketch on. Illustration skills and technical knowhow were both needed to create a design that looked good AND would be reproducible commercially in the DTB finishing studio. Peregrine Creative delivered and on July 8th, 2019 Pete Alonso made history. Hand crafted bats just like Pete Alonso’s are now available on the DTB website. Be sure to check them out – and be sure to check out Peregrine for your next heavy-hitting design challenge!