Peregrine Case Study:

Tufts University, Boston, Gap Junction Illustration 2015



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Peregrine Creative has been working with Tufts University in Boston on various illustration projects since August of 2015. These have included cover designs for various publications including Integrative Biology, produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as many renderings of complex processes and theoretical concepts for papers and presentations.

In this example, Peregrine Creative prepared a complex scientific illustration that began with samples, continued through a series of revisions and finished with high-quality vector rendering. Digital images in this format can be used for printing at any size without loss of quality or pixellation. These illustrations were also provided in fully-editable file formats for future use and/or modification.

Peregrine Creative is exceptionally knowledgeable in the scientific field, with experience in both academic research and the pharmaceutical industry. Our extensive print production experience allows us to devise visual aids and concepts – AND ensure they print or display properly. Custom illustration also avoids copyright infringement, with images tailored to a client’s specific branding or project aesthetic.

View Peregrine’s scientific illustration portfolio here.

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